Available on the Android Market

An amplifier in your pocket

Ghettoamp is a guitar effect simulator for Android. Use it as a stompbox for your practice sessions or use it to impress your friends!

Usage instructions

Play with your acoustic guitar and Ghettoamp transforms the sound and plays it back through your headset with the effect you selected.


  • 3 different amplifier presets; Clean, Crunch and Overdrive
  • Normalization setting which balances the output level between the presets
  • Can run in the background, allowing you to use your phone while playing
  • The amplifier is automatically stopped if an incoming call is received or if the headset is plugged out
  • Sample rate detection which identifies the best supported samplerate for your phone

Field tested

Ghettoamp has been tested on HTC Desire HD, ZTE Blade and Sony Ericsson X10 mini. Please report how it works on your phone so that we can add it to the list!

Behind the scene

Ghettoamp works by recording sound from the microphone, applying software generated effects and playing it back through the headset.

The latency between recording audio and playback is minimized by efficient coding and good sample rate detection but it can still be noticed. We are working hard on improving this and are closely watching updates to the Android audio SDK.